For entrepreneurs

We invest in early to growth stage companies that seek to conserve and restore our ecosystems while generating an attractive financial return. Our key focus area is companies which contribute to the creation of more sustainable food systems.

Investment criteria

Impact first: Impact at the core of the company, with the potential to create systemic change

Business model: resilient and scaleable business model that can deliver both financial and impact returns

Stage: early to growth companies that have proof of concept (commercial revenues >EUR500,000

Sector focus: healthy ecosystems with a special focus on sustainable food systems

Geography: headquarters in Europe, however operations may be with a global outreach

Ticket size: between 250,000 to 4,000,000 in equity, being a significant minority shareholder

Instruments: primarily equity participants, and open to convertible and mezzanine structures

Team: experienced & entrepreneurial team who can learn from feedback and grow the company

Why you should work with us

1. Maximise your positive impact on people and planet

We support you to achieve maximum positive impact on people and planet: encourage you to embed impact into your governance, develop an impact strategy, be the voice on your board to actively push for more impact, ignite discussion on how to steer towards more impact and guide you how to measure and manage impact.

2. Access a network of over 150 investors and strategic partners

Pymwymic is backed by a solid network of over 150 investors with a strong foothold in the Benelux. We actively facilitate strategic introductions across industries and geographies and have a strong network consisting of reseach institutes, business partners, financial institutions and other investors.

3. Hands-on investor who dares to look in the mirror

Like most early stage investors, we take an active role in growing our portfolio companies to the next stage of maturity by offering network, strategic dialogue and financial planning. To ensure we add value to our investee companies, we request annual feedback on how we can do better.

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  • “Developing a ToC with Pymwymic led to more clarity in what we want to achieve and actually had us shift our resources to products which had far more impact than we initially realised.”
    Willem-Jan Meulemeesters, CEO Ceradis
  • “For us it is essential that our mission runs in the DNA of the company we are building today, so it can benefit generations to come tomorrow.”
    Anne Pleun van Eijsden, Founder Paper on the Rocks
  • “We thought we had our mission clear. But when we starting discussing, we saw we could simplify the mission into one overarching and measurable goal.”
    Willem-Jan Meulemeesters, CEO Ceradis
  • “Pymwymic’s focus on impact made us realise how deeply environmental impact is embedded in everything we do.”
    Matej Stefancic, CEO Trapview
  • “We know the Pymwymic members are mission-aligned investors who believe in our goals.”
    Bas van Abel, Founder Fairphone