To have the biggest positive impact, we have to change what we eat and how it comes to our plate

Healthy Food Systems Impact Fund II

We think it is only rational to invest in a future world which takes care of our children, our soil and our ecosystems. It is this simple vision that drives us to take a leap and invest our capital in change-making entrepreneurs. These pioneering individuals are building fairer food chains, finding solutions to reduce pesticides, fighting food waste, developing plant-based protein alternatives, and more.

Portfolio companies

The Healthy Food System Impact Fund was launched in April 2021.
See our Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund I for an impression on what to expect.

Biome Makers

Biome Makers is a market leading provider of soil biology analysis working to restore the biodiversity and health of our soils.

Aurea Imaging provides crop intelligence software to support agronomic interventions in orchards, bettering socioeconomics for farmers and reducing inputs.

Photo by Tania Malrechauffe

The challenge

Our current food system is both the single biggest driver of climate change, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. It is responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of deforestation and 70% of all freshwater use. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed weaknesses in our food systems and accelerated awareness for healthy food.

Photo by Alexander Crawley

Revolutionising the food system

We believe that a combination of innovative and disruptive technologies with truly regenerative practices will ignite a transition of the global food system. With over two decades supporting early to growth stage entrepreneurs, we aim to contribute to this change.

What we invest in

We invest in companies acting across the food supply chain; from farm to fork. Potential investments include new ways to improve sustainable and local farming, digital platforms supporting a more efficient and shorter supply chain or data-driven production methods ensuring a better soil quality.

Our impact strategy

Actual change does not happen in an excel sheet. It happens on the farm, on your plate, or any place in between. To prove our belief that the combination of regenerative practices and innovative technologies will help us to a more sustainable food system, we invite you to visit our showcase farm Schevichoven. Here, you can see the products of our portfolio companies at work, in the field, contributing to the farm of the future.

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