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Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community

Long before the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ of People, Planet, and Profit got widespread attention, a small group of pioneer investors started to put their money where their meaning was. They put their capital to work as a force for positive change, combining financial with ecological and social returns; now known as ‘impact investing’. The small group became bigger and has proven that impact investing can generate profits while contributing to solutions for all stakeholders. Today Pymwymic is a fast-growing community with many more likeminded people who share the same values and goals. Will you join us? Together, we can build a world where sustainability and inclusivity is common sense.

Who we are

We act and think alike

We are a co-owned organisation. A trusting and intimate community that consists of 150 individuals, families, entrepreneurs and angel investors with different backgrounds, ages, and nationalities. However, we do have a common denominator. We share the same values and believe in a world where consideration of people and planet is a natural part of business. We want our money to express our meaning. What do you want to contribute with your money? We know that for an for an individual investor this can be a lonely and daunting road. By joining forces with likeminded people and experienced professionals we facilitate and speed up the process.

Our meaning

Creating positive change

We believe that our values are an important part of our life and work. Just as they are part of our investments. We invest in for-profit companies that contribute to fair and sustainable economies and communities. Positive impact is not a vague notion to us; we work with companies to articulate their impact goals and measure progress. We know from experience that financial return and positive impact can go hand in hand. It’s the new way of doing business.






How we invest

Active co-ownership redefined

We currently invest through the Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund, a venture capital fund that seeks to conserve and restore our ecosystems. We are proud to do so with a team of talented professionals who help us build solid results. To maximise our value-add, we offer hands-on support to our portfolio companies and embed impact into their strategy. Often active as non-executive board members, we stimulate them to keep raising the bar and look further than ‘just’ the sustainability of their end-products. From improving the working conditions in the mines of raw materials to the recycling of components of their products.