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As private wealth holders, we co-own the Pymwymic Impact Cooperative and invest through themed sub-funds. Values-aligned institutional investors are welcome to join our movement by co-investing in our funds. The Pymwymic team takes the lead in professional matters such as screening investment opportunities, due diligence and managing the investments. The cooperative approach is unique in:

•  active involvement of members in due diligence, field trips, mentorships and more
•  giving insight in our pipeline as a source for direct investments via our online member platform
•  organising frequent learning events from our daily practice through webinars and workshops
•  facilitate sharing deals with the broader Pymwymic community on our online member platform

Impact investment strategy

As impact investors, we invest in seed, early and growth stage companies to bridge the funding gap for mission-aligned entrepreneurs. It is our mission to support the growing movement of businesses which serve people and planet. Our added value:

We take a long-term view: our roots in European family business has taught us that a company is passed on from generation to generation. This means we add more value than we extract.

As it is our responsibility to help an impact company grow, we take an active role in building towards the next level of maturity. Our investment team provides hands on support, without intervening with daily business.

By welcoming impact enterprises into the Pymwymic ecosystem, enterprises gain access to our network: investors, platforms, advisors and other field builders.

Building on more than two decades of experience with impact enterprises, we actively work with entrepreneurs to make impact concrete through impact metrics and measurement.

I am an entrepreneur

Our process

Our five-step investment process is designed to find innovative impact enterprises with the potential to deliver industry changing impact. These companies serve as a role model of a business model that works for people, planet and profit. Our process also allows us to discover the true values held by the impact enterprise and its alignment with the Pymwymic community.

Investment criteria:
• Business has a core model that positively impacts people or the earth
• Unique and/or disruptive system changing product or service
• Proof of concept, traction and scalability
• Be managed in a transparent way; values match to Pymwymic
• For themed sub-funds:
 Strong financial return potential; seeking € 250K to € 4 million in funding

we screen

• Time Frame: 0.5- 1 month from initial contact
• Our work: Screening company’s fit with our investment criteria and existing portfolio

we assess

• Time Frame: 1- 2 month from initial contact
• Our work: Initial appraisal of the impact and business plan and meeting management team

3 we analyse

• Time Frame 3-4 months from initial contact
• Our work: Starting due diligence process with in-depth discussion with experts and key members of company, site visits and performing valuation

4 we negotiate

• Time Frame: 4- 6 months from initial contact
• Our work: Signing and closing of legal documents end aligning impact strategy into core business of company

5 we start

• Time Frame: 5-8 years from start partnership
• Our work: Value and impact creation through active participation and sharing expertise and experience of the Pymwymic network

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Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund

We’ve created the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone. You shouldn’t have to choose between a great phone and a fair supply chain.

Our products enable food waste reduction and access to high value markets by supplying cold storage and post-harvest processing equipment.

Trapview’s automated pest monitoring system, will take us a few steps closer to better and more sustainably-grown food for everyone.

With a reduced rate of chemicals use, Ceradis aims at facilitating the transition to more environmentally friendly agriculture. 

Autonomous robots for easier farming: reducing farmers’ strenuous working conditions and limiting the use of chemical weed-killers.

A sustainable alternative to chemical weed control by using electricity to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards.

Donor Fund

Nature-friendly notebooks. Protecting forests and nature is a big deal to us. So we decided to smash the way stationery is made to pulp.

Water is a global concern. We have developed a technology to create 100% pure drinking water, without using filers, membranes or chemicals.

Member Direct Investments


We invest in sustainable aquaculture businesses that generate investment returns, while creating positive social and environmental impact





We invest in companies focused on financial inclusion, fintech and inclusive growth in sectors providing basic goods and services and income generation opportunities to the underserved in Sub-Saharian Africa




We create a better future for young students by backing the education of students in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru






Crowdfunding platform that provides debt finance and training to SMEs in developing countries, which can be crucial engines of development, seedbeds for innovation and employment




Closing the Loop

We exist to reduce e-waste in African communities: we collects ‘end-of-life’ scrap phones from developing countries and transports them to Europe for recycling



Our platform allows ordinary individuals everywhere to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with decision makers to drive solutions






We create the world’s first international marketplace, enabling parents to subscribe to the use of high-quality maternity and children’s wear





We believe in providing safe drinking water, for everyone, everywhere; we produce safe and affordable household water filters






“Pymwymic has been instrumental in getting Aqua-Spark of the ground.
We have felt a tremendous amount of support, in a really warm and open manner.”

Mike Velings & Amy Novogratz
Aqua-Spark Founders and Managing Partners

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