When we together re-launched Pymwymic in 2009, it was from a conscious decision to invest our capital to solve core systemic issues in the world. For us (having met at an investors’ conference; married just before the global crash) we actively choose to invest our resources into building the awareness amongst wealth-holders of what conscious capital could achieve, and through this, bringing more investment to impact entrepreneurs. In the 10 years we joyfully co-lead Pymwymic, the opportunities and awareness of impact came to scale. And with it, the Pymwymic community grew strong – thousands of investors educated; a core Pymwymic membership of hundreds; the impact capital invested grew by 33%, investing in 30+ solutions-based companies. This is our deep satisfaction, that Pymwymic has truly helped to ‘build the field’ of impact.

As we began together to think about next steps, we were joined in our ‘founders’ journey’ by a strong Board, and by two important and rare partners, Omidyar Network and Blue Haven Initiative. We are grateful to these friends, who helped us envision – and fund – a next-era transition for Pymwymic. Together, we did this by creating a new entity that is core to what has always been the heart of Pymwymic: a cooperation. This matches not only the spirit of Pymwymic’s past 24 years, but what we believe is the spirit of the future – interconnection, and multi-stakeholder cooperation. We believe the Impact Coop will keep Pymwymic true to her mission, and can support the investors’ community for generations to come.

• Welcome to new partners. The Impact Coop also provides opportunity to welcome and work together with visionary institutional partners, to together scale our impact. It will take all of us to create these global solutions.

As a couple, our era of supporting and scaling this wonderful 24 year-old Pymwymic community was built on a continuum of early pioneers – and the Impact Coop is a part of this continuum, bringing forward the core mission and legacy, evolving to meet new challenges.

We remain on the Board, and are also active as shareholder members – and look forward to working with other Pymwymic members, across generations and countries, to make impact.

To those interested enough to read thus far, we would ask: what is the meaning of your money?

Pymwymic welcomes you to join our efforts. And we look forward to seeing you on the journey.