Pymwymic launches new report ‘Beyond Direct DealsHow Fund Investing adds to your Impact Portfolio’

As the oldest European platform of impact investors, we began our journey of impact investing over two decades ago. What we were doing was not yet called impact investing. There was no infrastructure and no one from whom to learn. It was just us on a mission to make a difference with the wealth for which we felt responsible. So we invested directly into companies that focus on people, planet and profit.

Now we would like to take a step back to reflect on our journey, share our experiences and look at today’s possibilities. This report has collected the stories of experienced investors to ease your journey into this inspiring world called impact investing. We demonstrate how it has become possible to make mission-aligned investments across all asset classes and specifically what the added value of fund investing is within an impact portfolio. Our dream is to leave this world in a better condition than it was given to us. Will you join us?

Read this report if…

… you are exploring the terrains of impact investing;
… you are curious to understand impact investing beyond doing direct deals;
… you want to understand how fund investing adds value to your impact portfolio.

This report has been written in association with Finance in Motion and Triodos Investment Management.

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