On 26th October, 2016, Pymwymic hosted a debate about the future of Alternative Currencies. We very much enjoyed the lively and comprehensive debate about the impact alternative currencies can have on local communities.

Here are some key take-aways from the debate:

  • “The current global monetary system is at a junction point and no longer ‘good enough’ for the 21st century as social needs are not met.”
  • “Alternative currencies could be a hedge against the potential collapse of the present monetary system.”
  • Community currencies, with the help of micro-technologies, are giving rise to new opportunities to support local economies and increase social cohesion.
  • Local municipalities are eager to implement programs that strengthen the sense of community and prosperity.

We are very grateful to the speakers Herman Wijffels, Saïd Benayad (Almelo), Becky Booth (Spice) and Rob van Hilten (Qoin) for their valuable insights. Finally, a big thank you to one of our Pymwymic members for making this event financially possible.

Here you can revisit Herman’s speech.

Both Spice and Qoin are looking for investment and can be reached at:

We hope to see you at our next event!