In 25 days, Pymwymic will celebrate 25 years of impact investing. A journey that started together in 1994 when a brave group of pioneers decided to challenge the current system. A journey with a clear destination from the start: to invest in business that serve people and planet. There was a strong conviction that business can do good. And there still is!

On April 2 & 3, during Pymwymic Impact Days, we will celebrate the journey we have travelled so far and the many people who played a part in this revolution.

To celebrate this occasion,

  • … we will jointly tell the story of 25 years impact investing in a playful session with 25 people
  • … we will be giving a present– instead of receiving one – to celebrate our birthday
  • … to guide us into the next 25 years, we are inviting outside professionals to help us challenge ourselves, reflect, take a close look in the mirror and guide us towards ever more impact.


Curious? Join us for Impact Days on April 2ndand 3rd

Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash