Change is in our Choices

Everyday we are asked to make choices. At Impact Days 2019, we looked at how we can make better choices not only as impact investors, but also in our daily life as consumers. Do you want to live a more conscious lifestyle but are not sure where to start? Are you looking for inspirational brands that can help you make a more positive impact? Hereby is a list below of sustainable brands which we gladly showcased during Impact Days. We consciously chose companies which carry making a positive impact, at the very core of their mission.

 Abel: Inspiring positive change by creating the world’s best natural perfume.

Fairf: For a sustainable alternative to paint.

 Fairphone: Challenging the way we think about the electronic industry through a phone.

 Farm Brothers: Delicious cookies that change the world with organic, regenerative farming.

Hydrao: A smart solution to help us conserve water and heating usage at home.

 I like local: Travel authentically while supporting local economies.

 Little Sun: Bringing you clean, affordable energy around the globe.

Paper On The Rocks: Tree-free, nature-friendly, high-end stationary made from stone.

Seepje: Laundry, dishwashing and all-purpose detergents from natural ingredients.

Straw by Straw: Compostable, naturally-grown, plastic-free straws.

Nowa: Jewellery made by circular economy of gold & silver extracted from old phones.

 Unrecorded: High-quality, organic basics, with responsible manufacturing, at a fair price.

 Vleck Wines: Natural wine importer working with farmers using healthy production.

 Yoni: Women’s sanitary products, made from non-synthetic, 100% organic cotton.

We are proud to have showcased these inspirational brands, who prove that sustainability does not need to compromise on quality, flavour or aesthetics.