While Covid-19 is profoundly changing the way we look at our food system, Pymwymic (Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community) has teamed up with food multinational CVC Danone Manifesto Ventures, food-tech investor CapAgro, family investor Caravelle and DS Participation in a funding round for French-based baby-food company Yooji. This investment is set to make highly nutritional and sustainable baby food easily accessible to parents, despite the business of day-to-day life. After years of perfecting their unique product, Yooji is ready to scale.

While the traditional food industry tends to favor cost efficiency over quality, today’s consumers increasingly focus on healthy produce, sustainable production and local ingredients. For parents, there is a growing concern about the quality of the food they feed their babies as well as an increasing awareness about the long-term effects of healthy nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life. Parents are more and more looking for easily accessible alternatives to ready-made industrial baby food.

Yooji was born out of the dream to develop healthy and tasty baby food, with no additives and made from local products. Or more specifically: to produce baby food that is just like home-made food… but then less time consuming to prepare. While it took years to perfect the flavour, texture and nutrition of the product, Yooji’s products are now recognized to be superior than the available alternatives.

“Feeding a baby is not just a matter of nutrition, it is above all, about making the baby discover the true tastes of food while positively contributing to the future of the planet on which he/she will grow”. Jeremy Strohner, CEO Yooji

Founded in 2012, the France-based Yooji manufactures and sells easy to prepare organic baby from locally sourced ingredients offering pure and transparent products (no additives). Not only does Yooji appeal to those who want healthy, tasty and convenient baby food, they also aim for higher standards of sustainability throughout their production and transportation process. The company aims to minimize their footprint with waste reduction plans, sustainable packaging, responsible employment and 100% renewable energy sources.

“Yooji has created a unique and sustainable offering: tasty, healthy, no additives, transparent and with care for the environment. We proudly support them to feed our newborns and play their part in transitioning future generations towards more healthy diets.” Monique Meulemans, Investment Manager Pymwymic

With impact at the core of Yooji’s business, Pymwymic will support Yooji to continue to push its boundaries of impact: to realise its potential to become an industry influencer for healthy diets for infants while striving for the highest standards of sustainability in all business aspects. Current shareholders have been supporting Yooji for several years with Danone, frontrunner in creating a more sustainable food system and Capagro, who aims to feed a sustainable planet with its responsible investment approach also strongly supporting Yooji’s impact mission.

At Danone Manifesto Ventures, we are proud of Yooji’s achievements over the past 3 years, and more than ever convinced that their product offer answers the needs of today’s young parents. We are very happy to be part this new fund raising intended to drive growth, in line with our mission to support entrepreneurs who invent the future of healthy and sustainable food.”  Paul Chifflet, Head of Europe at Danone Manifesto Ventures

Yooji meets both parents and societal expectations for healthy, easy to use and delicious products to feed babies. Capagro’s team is proud to support Yooji for this new exciting development phase and is glad to welcome Pymwymic and DS as new coinvestors.” Bénédicte Monpert – Managing Director Capagro.



About Danone Manifesto Ventures

Danone Manifesto Ventures is the corporate venture arm of Danone, launched in 2016 with a mission to support the growth of innovative food and foodtech companies and partner with entrepreneurs that share its vision of a healthy and sustainable future. Through this venture team, Danone makes financial investments and provides strategic and operational support to its portfolio companies while preserving the autonomy required to grow their entrepreneurial projects. Danone Manifesto Ventures has invested in various companies including Harmless Harvest, Forager Project, Farmer’s Fridge and Nature’s Fynd in the USA, Michel et Augustin, Yooji, Agricool and Phenix in France, and Epigamia in India. In 2018, it became the first corporate venture to be certified B Corp independently. (more info www.danoneventures.com)

About Capagro

Capagro is the French leading venture capital fund dedicated to the Food and Ag industries. It was created in 2014 and has 124 M€ under management. Feeding a sustainable planet and maximizing value creation across the entire agri-food chain is its core focus. Capagro has pioneered a sector-based and independent approach that brings out the best of its scientific and business expertise. The fund leverages its unique network of industrial partners, made of key players in the agri-food value chain, to benefit its portfolio companies. Capagro invests to accelerate the development of European FoodTech and AgTech companies and facilitates the adoption of innovative solutions for stakeholders in those sectors. Capagro’s team of seasoned investors is unique in combining strong sector expertise with a wide range of international experience.

About Caravelle

Caravelle is a family-owned diversified group that invests in Industry and Services with Food as one of the privileged sector. The Group has more than 20 years of experience in investing in France, mostly through majority private investments. Owned by the Martel family, Caravelle is an agile and long-term shareholder investing its own equity in French SMEs to support their national and international developments. The Group has a consolidated staff of 2,200 people. Caravelle has been supporting Yooji’s development since 2014.

 About Pymwymic

Founded in 1994, Pymwymic is the “Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community”, a co-owned organisation of European wealth holders who take a frontrunner role in the transition towards investing with care for people and planet. A community that consists of over 150 individuals, families, entrepreneurs and angel investors of different backgrounds, ages and nationalities. We currently invest through the Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund, a venture capital fund for companies that seek to conserve and restore our ecosystems, with a specific focus on sustainable food systems. By combining our knowledge, passion and money, we bring credibility to the impact investing industry and continuously push for higher standards until investing with care for people and planet is the new norm. Questions or interested to join our cooperative? Contact: maarten@pymwymic.com