The Donor Fund (Stichting Pymwymic Donor Involve Fund), with its Dutch ANBI status, welcomes and catalyses grants from family foundations / corporates and deploys these to seed-stage companies. funding the actual birthplace of new ideas – supporting the transition towards a new economy that serves both people and planet.

Besides contributing to the overall mission of Pymwymic, the Donor Fund contributes to the further awareness creation to older European foundations and new families to become familiar with impact through known (grant) structures. One other important purpose of the Donor Fund is the activation of the Next Gens interest and hands-on training.

In order to further accommodate this, Pymwymic has started a pilot program involving Next-Gens in their day to day operations. This program, on an internship basis, allows Next Gens to get first hand experience in screening companies and presenting these to the various investment committees. Creating a start in their impact investment journey and also being challenged by Pymwymic’s investment team.

For a growing number of our community, philanthropy is a family affair: a means of passing on key values to the next generation as well as giving back. Pymwymic aims with this pilot to invite Next Gens to join our donation fund and to learn and share. More information on this Next Gen program is expected Q3 2018. Furthermore, also to accommodate this education within our community, the Donor Fund is still looking for further donation support. For any related queries, please contact Jan Hein or Rogier.