If you are reading this blog, it is quite likely that you are concerned about leaving a positive footprint on our planet. And it is also quite likely you are not sure which choices lead to the best results. We are worried about greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste, but what about water pollution land degradation to name a few? But then, which daily choices should we be making to lead an eco-positive lifestyle? And how do we know that our efforts are as effective as we think?

Hidden impact

If we take a systems approach to understanding the impact of our modern lifestyle, we have to zoom out to see the full chain of impact: from winning raw materials, to production to transportation and finally, to usage. We tend to focus on that what we see: the packaging of our food, the energy it costs to charge our phone, tap water flowing through our sinks. But this is only part of the story. When we look at the full supply chain, we have to conclude that almost 80% of the impact we have on our ecosystems is beyond our sight. It is hidden. That is an enormous blind spot. But this also means our leverage to make a difference is five times bigger than we think. Where to begin?



Most effective choices

If you know what the biggest problems are, you can make more effective improvements.

Babette Porcelijn helps us to understand the full impact of our life style choices and what we should be doing differently to lead an eco positive lifestyle. For example, did you know that…

  • …86% of the impact of consumer products is related to their production and transportation?
  • …the CO2 effect of South American beef is about 50 times as high as eating soy / tofu?
  • … datacenters are responsible for 31% of energy consumption of smart products?


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