It must have been about a year ago that one of our members came up to us, asking us to get him and his wife up to speed about impact investing. “We sit in all these meetings deciding about investments with our financial advisors. But really, we feel lost half of the time. Could you give us how-to-invest training for beginners?” Sharing knowledge and experience with our community is part of our mission to support the transition from traditional to impact investing. We were more than happy to respond to this request. Let’s get going.

This small-scale session proved not only fun, but attracted more attention from other members. It is in our blood to experiment every now and then and whenever something gets traction, we scale up. So, we decided to take it a step further. We planned a next session and were overwhelmed by the number of members signing up.

A room full of investors showed up as we shared how we screen investment opportunities, which tools we use in our five-step process, how we integrate impact into the risk-return equation and how we deal with dilemmas of our daily work. We discussed a real-life case example, dealt with valuation of early stage companies, exit strategies and company / industry analysis. The hands-on approach of sharing our daily practice in a small scale interactive session proved more than worthwhile.

We have now designed four workshops that we will repeat on a quarterly basis:

Maybe we change the subjects around if we sense one is more popular than the other. Maybe we add or skip a session. Bottom line is: we are a community that learns, shares and invests together. We invest through our themed sub-fund and we are eager to share our work, leanings and expertise. We share through publications (see here) as well as in our community gatherings. For over two decades we have been investing in seed, early and growth phase impact-driven companies who each have the ambition to transform an industry for the better. Will you join us?

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