On May 13 we had the privilege to welcome Professor Muhammad Yunus at the Amstel clubhouse. In a ‘gezellige’ lunch atmosphere, Prof.Yunus shared how he began his journey: while working as a teacher, he saw a need and began lending money to women himself. Realising in order to scale the idea of microfinance beyond his own financial means, a new kind of bank was needed… and that entrepreneurial idea became Grameen Bank, which helped the idea of microfinance eventually sweep around the world. Truly Putting Your Money Where Meaning Is, at scale. We also discussed Prof. Yunus commitment to re-investing profit in social business into the enterprise, and his belief that everyone is has a core spirit of entrepreneur… and that ‘making money can make you happy… but helping the poor and improving the world will make you happier.’

Yunus Social Business (YSB) is the vehicle that supports Prof. Yunus’ concept of social businesses at the bottom of the pyramid – with patient loans and grants. Pymwymic member Jan van Oord shared his experience of investing in one of those social businesses, a honey-making company addressing unemployment and providing a stable income in war-torn Northern Uganda. Pymwymic members are invited to join YSB for Partner Trips to meet extraordinary social entrepreneurs in the Balkans, Haiti, Tunisia and Uganda later this year.