Naïo Technologies, a global pioneer in agricultural robotics, successfully raised a €32m round led by Mirova. The funding will support Naïo’s mission to make sustainable agriculture a worldwide reality.

The global intensification of agriculture has resulted in higher usage of chemicals and increasingly heavier machinery creating soil compaction. Naïo produces agricultural field robots that address labour shortages, reduce physical strains of farmers, and lower soil erosion. The robots also reduce the carbon footprint of farming and the usage of herbicides. With its light structure, Naïo’s robots also have a less damaging impact on our soils; they literally leave a lower footprint.

“Agricultural robotics answers challenges related to both sustainable agriculture and labour shortages.”

Gaëtan Severac, Naïo Co-founder & CTO

With four product lines and a total of 300 robots in operation as of 2022, Naïo is an absolute frontrunner in agricultural robotics. The company employs 70 people and sells its products in 20 different countries through a network of dealers.

Having joined the Pymwymic portfolio in 2019, Naïo’s goal is to share its field expertise on environmental transition and regenerative agriculture challenges with farmers. Naïo Technologies is validating the B-Corp certification and has completed a carbon footprint and product life cycle analysis of its full range of electric robots.

“We believe lightweight field robots are essential in the transition to nature-positive agriculture and Naïo is the absolute pioneer in its industry.”

Monique Meulemans, Pymwymic Investment Manager

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