It’s time to appreciate Adriana Cohen Henriquez for all of her passion and hard work. Immediately in her first weeks upon joining the fast-paced team, she diligently saw through the very first launch of the Pymwymic Impact Report and helped us reach major milestones while at her time at Pymwymic. It was a pleasure for us to have her join the team and we wish her all the very best in her exciting next chapter!

Read about Adriana’s journey below:

My time at Pymwymic

My time at Pymwymic has come to an end, and it feels very bitter-sweet. I am grateful for what I have learned and the bonds I have formed in the team & community. I am sad to say goodbye, but also excited to enter into this next phase and take what I have learned from Pymwymic into whatever I do next in the world.

My journey at Pymwymic began shortly after I finished my studies, initiating the pursuit of the start of my career and of discovering my path. During my university years, I explored my interests in the fields of design, business development and sustainability. While in parallel, through my family’s business ventures, I was exposed to the world of investing.

Investing on its own did not peak my interest, but I felt I had a responsibility to understand the investment world in order to inevitably take ownership of what my family will leave me with. Not only did I feel a sense of responsibility to my family to ensure the legacy they’ve worked so hard to create can continue to be passed on beyond me, but I also felt a responsibility to ensure that what we’re supporting with our family ventures actually align with my and my family’s values in life. That I can be proud of what we’re doing. This brought me to discover the world of impact investing, which combines my interest in sustainability with my sense of responsibility for investing.

Before I could take on this responsibility though, I realized that I need to first educate myself in this field. To first learn from experienced professionals and learn from practice and doing. To understand the investment world not only from the perspective of a private investor but also from the inside perspective of an active fund manager, knowing that that would best equip me to make smart investment decisions in the future. This process would also help me come to better understand the role I envision for myself within the family business and investment context.

This goal brought me to Pymwymic, a place where I could explore and deepen my knowledge of sustainability and investing, and to my surprise also a place where my creative and design skills were welcomed and wanted. I got to further develop all my skills and interests and my time at Pymwymic has thought me a multitude of things.

I got to see things from the inside perspective of a fund, which showed me where fund managers, private investors, and to a degree even portfolio companies differ and where they overlap. I got to learn where their incentives align and where they clash, the strong need for open communication and transparency, and the sensitive balance that lies therein in order to achieve success.

From a technical perspective I got to learn and experience for myself how an investment screening process actually works. I got to practice pipeline research (which also inspired me and opened my eyes to the exciting innovations popping up in impact), I got to practice how to create an investment proposal, and was even exposed to term sheet lingo and checkpoints. Before the idea of conducting due diligence and assessing companies seemed very daunting, but being exposed to it and seeing the breakdown of the process has made me realize that each individual step is actually not that difficult and often actually quite simple. It’s still hard work that requires discipline and practice, but it’s doable even for a 23-year-old straight out of college.

I also got to deepen my own knowledge and expertise in impact and the different methodologies to measure that. Creating an impact report tested and deepened my own understanding of what it means for something to be sustainable, which is something I want to take with me in whatever I do.

Lastly, working in a professional setting outside of the university and family business context, has taught me a lot on a personal and human level. Learning how to work in a self-running high-intensity small team has helped me improve my discipline, work ethic and communication skills, and has taught me how to effectively work in a team, in a setting of continuous development and feedback loops.

I am incredibly thankful to the team for welcoming me with open arms and teaching me so much, and I know what I’ve learned at Pymwymic has set me up to move forward in the right direction.