A key focus for Omidyar this year is to to increase the rate of adoption of impact investing through (ultra) high net worth individuals. With tremendous resources, flexibility, and in many cases a greater appetite for risk than traditional capital sources such as financial institutions or even foundations, ultra-high net worth individuals have emerged as important advocates for impact investing. They deepen the credibility of the field and are often able to attract press, an important step in spreading the impact investing movement.

Ultra high net worth individuals benefit from support in better understanding the impact investing landscape, offering potential structures for their organisations, and explaining how they might more closely align their values with their capital.Therefore, Omidyar is a proud supporters of important action networks such as Pymwymic, the ImPact, and Toniic, which provide ultra-high net worth individuals the opportunity to learn from each other and, in the case of Pymwymic, identify investment opportunities. 

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Photo by Levi XU on Unsplash