“We are building proof points of a new industry, where solid financial returns go hand in hand with positive, and often much needed change.” Jan van Oord, Chair of the Board

Each year we wish to show the progress our portfolio companies are making in transforming harmful old production models, creating new markets for sustainable practices and developing never-seen-before technologies. Read our impact report to:

  • Be inspired with the actual results of our portfolio companies in reaching their impact milestones
  • Learn how we have integrated impact into our screening and portfolio management
  • Understand what the impact strategy of Pymwymic is and how we are doing so far

We hope our practical experience will add to the collective knowledge, contributing to the development of new industry standards and help really make the leap towards a more sustainable way of investing. We certainly do not want to claim that we have the all the answers. We can however provide you with our answers this far – and hope it helps you define your own. 

Download the Pymwymic Impact Report 2019 here

Actions speak louder than words. Put your money where your meaning is and become co-owner and member of the Pymwymic Impact Investing Cooperative. Contact us at: members@pymwymic.com

Questions about the report? We would be happy to hear from you: info@pymwymic.com