For already many years at Pymwymic, we report on our impact and are built on the principle of positive impact at the core of everything. Therefore, we welcome the SFDR regulation and are proud to share all Pymwymic funds are compliant to Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Article 9.

As of the 10th of March, in the whole European Union a new regulation has come into place, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”). The SFDR stems from the Sustainable Finance Action Plan (“SFAP”), which aims to stimulate sustainable investments in the European Union in order to help achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal. This regulation will be pushing for more transparency in how sustainability risks and opportunities are integrated into the investment decisions of financial advisors and asset managers.

As reporting on this will force investors to open up relating to their day to day practices, it will avoid players to use “sustainable finance” rather as a marketing tool versus being genuinely focused on creating positive change while taking into account potential negative consequences of decisions taken (relating Environmental, Social or Governance issues).

As one of the oldest impact investors in Europe, we are continuously building proof points of a new industry, where solid financial returns go hand in hand with positive change, while continuously setting new and higher impact norms. With the Pymwymic Coop also being EUSEF1 approved, Pymwymic commits to invest solely into positive impact companies, fully aligned with ESG international standards. All Pymwymic funds available for investors have sustainable investments as their objective as set out in article 9 of SFDR.

Article 9 investment products are products that focus specifically on achieving a sustainability goal. Sustainability is a binding and mandatory part of the investment process for these products. All investments made by Pymwymic are carefully screened on sustainability factors. Furthermore, all of our investments are linked to positive impact through the Theory of Change Methodology embedded in screening processes. Through this methodology every portfolio company develops indicators to ensure that our investments contribute to positive change.

1. Regulation (EU) No 346/2013 on European social entrepreneurship funds