As an investor, it is likely that public equities are a significant part of your portfolio. But then, how can you make an impact through this asset class? Can you make an impact at all?

“Navigating the sustainable investment landscape can be difficult. It’s earned its own glossary of terms and acronyms, and ranges from very light, to intentional, deep impact. It’s important to know what you’re getting.”Andrea Palmer, Triodos Investment Management.

This report helps you understand which questions to raise and serves as a guideline to start formulating your own approach. We focus on:

  • What is the basis of stock selection? I.e. in which companies should you be investing in the first place? Do you take a best-in-class approach, does it exclude certain industries, does it actively seek specific social or environmental impact, or is it a combination of approaches?
  • How are the rights and position of ownership used? When a company is not living up to your impact standards do you divest? Do you stay on board and become an activist shareholder?

Read this report if you are looking for a compact and practical guide to get started with building an impactful public equities portfolio.

This report has been written in association with Triodos Investment Management and supported by Blue Haven Initiative, IVM Caring Capital and Omidyar Network.

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