Pymwymic is very happy to announce the closing of the investment into the UK based B-Corp, InspiraFarms (“IF”). Together with its co-investor Energy Access Ventures, Pymwymic will support IF to expand globally and to scale up the company to increase its overall impact. Furthermore, with a seat in the board of IF, Pymwymic will be able to implement a strong governance structure and will enable IF to track its impact via set impact metrics. It is also the first investment done through the Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystem Impact Fund where investment members have participated by direct co-investments.

Please see the following press release:

Problem addressed – Impact InspiraFarms

Globally, up to 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted each year around the world, representing a massive set of inefficiencies in terms of environmental impact, hunger alleviation and economic development. Estimates of food loss range between 10% and 40%. Food loss depresses incomes along agricultural value chains, and can have particularly devastating impact on smallholder farmers. It also drives up the end prices of food, restricting access for poor consumers and contributing to hunger and malnutrition. Lost or wasted food drives approximately 4% of world energy consumption, 20% of fresh water consumption and uses 30% of the world’s agricultural land area.

IF provides modular processing and cooling facilities for agricultural produce and dairy that is lower cost to both purchase and operate vs current available solutions. In addition, IF’s technology enables smallholder farmers to reduce fresh produce loss by up to 50%. IF technology enables its customers to:

  • Reduce fresh produce loss by up to 50%;
  • Cut energy bills and transport costs by half;
  • Access to certified markets with over 20% value add margins; and
  • Access financing solutions with a 2-year payback period.

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