Pymwymic is not traveling alone on the way to a brighter future. We are supported and strengthened by a professional network of business partners. We carefully select who we work with. Our business partners are values-aligned, know their way around in the impact field and actively seek to improve their sustainability. We are grateful for their support.

We offer expertise that is specific to the impact field
Our business partners have consciously chosen to work with other impact driven organisations and/or are dedicated to broaden their impact in the social field. This gives them expertise and knowledge that is specific to the field of impact: how to embed impact realisation in legal structures;

  • how to extract up-to-date management information to be able to measure impact;
  • how to focus on realising both financial as well as social and environmental impact;
  • how to make your impact visible and tell your true impact story;
  • how to create the necessary conditions for leadership development;
  • how to work with families and family businesses;
  • … and more.

Our partner network is much aware that realising sustainable impact is often more complex, but also fulfilling, than only striving for financial profit.

We exchange best practices
Being a business partner of Pymwymic means being part of a broader network of impact professionals. Each partner has its own expertise and specialism. At the same time, we are all continuously learning how to run our businesses in a more responsible and sustainable manner. We learn from each other by exchanging best practices: how to cut down the use of energy, how to reuse products, which food and beverage is fair and healthy, which service providers are impact-minded, etc. We challenge each other to keep improving.

The Pymwymic community and her business partners stand shoulder to shoulder in pursuit of a sustainable future. We share a relentless determination to do good and are grateful to have them at our side.

Benvalor Legal Advice

“We are energised by helping impact organisations with our legal advice and by hence indirectly making our own positive impact. It makes us feel good to work  for a positive future together, with Pymwymic.”

Landgoed de Horst – Conference Venue

“Estate De Horst wants to be a stage for educational meetings, like we are going to experience during the Impact Days. We are looking forward to it.”

Finance Matters -Financial Advice

I strongly believe in Pymwymics’ philosophy. Not only putting your money where your meaning is, but also supporting these companies practically to get the best, measurable impact results.¨

Makmende – Media Production

“We produce video and photography for brands and organisations like Pymwymic, sharing stories of change from all corners of the world.”

TCS Fund Services

“In an ideal world, families and companies stand shoulder to shoulder in  pursuit of a better future.”