Trapview, a global provider of digital pest monitoring, successfully raised a €10m Series B round led by ECBF and joined by Demeter alongside Pymwymic, as an existing investor. The funding will support Trapview’s mission to become a world-leader in integrated, sustainable decision support solutions for the environment and food safety. 

Currently, a staggering 95% of constantly sprayed insecticides and herbicides reach a destination other than the actual insects and weeds they are targeting. Overuse of pesticides in agriculture is not only harmful to human health, it is degrading our soils, damaging critical biodiversity and contaminating our ground waters. Currently, without accurate and up-to-date data about pest population and development, modern and sustainable insect crop protection is almost impossible.

To tackle this, Trapview has developed automated traps which send real-time data to farmers about the pest situation in their fields and use artificial intelligence to analyse and predict the development of pest dynamics. With the information provided by Trapview’s solution, farmers know the best time to spray, significantly reducing the amount of pesticides reaching our soils, food and farmers by over 50%. Trapview therefore enables farmers to work more sustainably and efficiently at the same time as significantly reducing production costs.

“I’m excited that such renowned and experienced investors share our vision and ambitions to become a global leader in this space.”

Matej Stefancic, Founder and CEO Trapview

Having joined the Pymwymic portfolio in 2019, Trapview is now present in more than 40 countries worldwide and is monitoring over 50 insect species. This investment will accelerate Trapview’s commercial development in Brazil, Europe and the US and enable it to continue supporting farmers in their transition towards more sustainable agricultural practices.

“Trapview has successfully scaled internationally and, supported by the EU Green Deal regulation, positioned itself as a proven solution for farmers transitioning towards more regenerative farming methods. With the new partners onboard, Trapview can continue to create positive impact for our food systems.”

Rogier Pieterse, Pymwymic Managing Director

About Trapview

Trapview is the world’s most advanced platform for monitoring and forecasting of pest insect population. Through its grid of automated, nearly maintenance-free insect traps, together with the advanced artificial intelligence-based processing it offers real time insights into pest insect population. Trapview’s platform provides relevant information about the impact pest insects will have on the farm level as well as trends related to pest population in larger areas. Trapview is used for monitoring of over 50 insect species in specialty and row crops worldwide.

About Pymwymic

Pymwymic is one of the oldest impact investors in Europe. As a co-owned impact investment cooperative of over 200 individuals, families, entrepreneurs and angel investors, we have taken a frontrunner role in the transition towards investing with care for both people and planet since 1994. Together with institutional investors, we have launched two Sustainable Development Goals-focused impact funds. Pymwymic’s Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund I (closed in 2021) has nine portfolio companies building solutions to preserve and restore our ecosystems. We are currently investing through the Healthy Food Systems Impact Fund II, supporting the change making entrepreneurs who are transforming our food system from farm to fork.

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