Pymwymic is proud to announce our third investment of our Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund into Trapview.

Each year, almost 5 million tons of more than 600 different pesticide types are applied to fight pests, of which only 1% is effective. This means that 99% of sprayed pesticide types are released to non target soils, water bodies and atmosphere and absorbed by practically every living organism. Trapview, a Slovenian based R&D and IT company provides an innovative and disruptive solution, strongly increasing the efficiency of pest control methods for growers. Innovations such as this, will take us a few steps closer to better and more sustainably-grown food for everyone.

“We aim to enable Trapview to further scale its impact globally through adding our expertise, network and financial support.”, Rogier Pieterse, Managing Director of Pymwymic

For more information please click here to read our official joint-press release.