What does Jimmy Nelson have to do with impact investing? On April 2 and 3 we are celebrating 25 years of impact investing. British/Dutch artist Jimmy Nelson will be celebrating with us. What does an artist have to do with this?

A picture paints a thousand words

During Impact Days we will together take a look in the mirror and make a picture of 25 years of impact investing. From this picture we move forward towards a pact for the future. As an award-winning photographer Jimmy Nelson is a master in making pictures. There is however more to it.

Connection is power

We are in this together. Impact investing is about acting together in enabling others to do good. Jimmy Nelson believes that maybe, by listening and learning from each other, we can come to the realization that we are one. That we are all human. It is us, human beings, that can make a difference if we act together. Power through connection in investing in a better world.

Inspiration from diversity

As a photographer Jimmy Nelson celebrates indigenous cultures. With his images he leaves a visual heritage for all generations to come. In 2016 Jimmy launched the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. The purpose of this platform is to foster appreciation for cultural diversity and connect people from all over the world in a celebration of polychromatic cultural identity.

During Impact Days Jimmy Nelson will share insights on how diversity works as a powerful source for positive change. An inspirational talk on how we can together solve global problems from an inclusive point of view and appreciation for cultural diversity.



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