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  • “For over 25 years, we have been building a trusted community of conscious investors who support the entrepreneurs creating new solutions for healthy ecosystems and sustainable agriculture.”
    Frank van Beuningen, founder Pymwymic
  • My greatest joy was to see how members, old and new, shifted their thoughts about money and meaning, and expanded the field through learning, sharing and taking action together.

    Margaret van Beuningen-McGovern, co-founder Pymwymic
  • Our current economic system is coming to an end. A new holistic way of living is emerging, but you have to start acting to help it manifest
    Lisette Schuitemaker, Pymwymic Pioneer
  • Back in the 90's, I hoped we would be able to break through and scale. I am thrilled to now see a maturing industry reaching a critical mass.
    Felix Guttman, Pymwymic Pioneer
  • Pymwymic is like your first love, you will never forget it. Back in 1994, we laughed at what became the first impact investment fund in Europe.
    Marcello Pallazi, B Corp Europe
  • Pymwymic was born from the Social Venture Network. Action speaks louder than words. That is the core of Pymwymic and the rest is history.  ”
    Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys, Fair Capital Partners


Pioneers Fund: 1994 – 2002

Pymwymic started out with investments in unknown but visionary technology with the most noticeable: bringing Ben & Jerry’s to the Benelux. The Pymwymic pioneers include Frank van Beuningen, Eckart Wintzen (Origin), Jan Willen Nieuwenhuys (Fair Capital Partners) and Jan Oosterwijk (The Body Shop).

Matchmaking Platform: 2002 – 2008

The pioneers saw the ‘first-mover’ companies were in need of more patient capital with a long-term outlook. Coming from multi-generation family businesses, they understood the concept of steward ownership and decided to become an open collective, building awareness and matchmaking people to businesses.

The global financial crisis created massive interest for a more ethical way of investing. With the help of Margaret van Beuningen-McGovern, Pymwymic grew into a strong community of impact-minded wealth holders.

Pymwymic Impact Investment Cooperative: 2017 onwards
In 2017, Pymwymic transformed into an Impact Investing Cooperative through which impact investments are done. By showing how we realise solid financial returns, we’re motivating the entire industry to act more responsibly. 

Our Board

  • Jan van Oord

    Chairman of the board

  • Frank van Beuningen

    Mission and Values Guardian

  • Jenny Elissen

    Mission and Values Guardian

  • Edmond Hilhorst

    Board member

  • Astrid Leyssens

    Board member

  • Alexandra Korijn

    Mission and Values Guardian

  • Ivo Demmers

    Board member