For investors

All change begins with like-minded people joint by a common goal and driven to make a difference. We believe in a world where consideration for people and the environment is a natural part of business and investing. We’re building momentum to design a better future. Will you join us?

Become a Pymwymic investor

As a private investor you become co-owner and member of the Pymwymic Impact Investing Cooperative (“Coop”). Owning a share in Pymwymic is becoming part of a global movement in which investing with care for people and planet is the new normal. Together we fund the change-makers of tomorrow: those who are building new and fairer supply chains, finding solutions to reduce chemical waste or disrupt the way we produce our food.

We currently invest through the Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund, a venture capital fund for companies that seek to conserve and restore our ecosystems, see our portfolio here [link to portfolio site]. We welcome institutional investors to invest directly in the Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund. For more information, please contact us directly.

Join a frontrunner group

Joining our active group of over 150 wealth holders, gives access to peer sharing of experience, deals, resources and network – accelerating your impact investing journey. We organise frequent gatherings and offer an online member platform, which gives access to our pipeline, resources and more. We support Pymwymic members to become ambassadors of the new era in which capital is a fuel for positive change.

A share in Pymwymic is often considered a piece of heritage. It’s an asset of change, which you look after for the next generation. An heirloom that transfers values across generations. In the present time, we realise our change by investing through a closed-end impact venture fund, funding the early stage change makers.

Here’s how we make an impact

We take our role as an impact investor serious. To us, investing in those companies who are creating a positive impact for people and planet is just the beginning. When it comes to being a shareholder to a company, we do things different from other investors. We create impact by:

  • Embedding impact into the governance of our portfolio companies
  • Supporting companies develop an impact strategy
  • Being the voice in the board who actively pushes for more impact
  • Supporting a company to measure and manage impact KPI’s

Curious to learn more? Read our most recent impact report.

Why we’re a movement

We set out to prove it is possible to invest with solid financial results while at the same time empowering business as a force for good. This is not just about realising successful investments. It’s about inspiring others to make different decisions in where they invest their capital. Together we can create a shift in how money is invested. A growing interest form traditional capital in our approach prove swe’re raising the bar and gaining recognition for our efforts. We want other investors to work with us to copy and improve our methods. And we won’t stop until ‘care for people and planet’ is a natural part of investing.

Eager to change the world with us? Become and investor and drop us a line directly.

  • “Our investment in the Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund enhanced our understanding of impact investing and thus contributed to the development of the impact investing services of Van Lanschot.”
    Andrew Mackay, Van Lanschot
  • “I greatly appreciate their open and transparent nature. You can literally drop in and talk to the team.”
    Pymwymic member
  • “In joining Pymwymic, the community of impact investors opened up to us in such a way that we had never expected.”
    Pymwymic member
  • “I believe in companies which have sustainability rooted deeply in the core of their DNA. This is what we invest in.”
    Pymwymic member
  • “The Pymwymic model allows me to involve my children and introduce them to impact investing.”
    Pymwymic member
  • “In joining Pymwymic, you become co-owner of a movement. We collectively steer the organisation in building aa new economy.”
    Frank van Beuningen, Co-Founder Pymwymic
  • “Pymwymic served as a gateway to the global impact scene and created a cascade of inspiration and new contacts”
    Pymwymic Next Gen
  • “I like that management actively leverages the knowledge and experience of the members in the investment process”
    Pymwymic member
  • “With Pymwymic as a leading example, we challenge our private bankers to reform their product offering and encourage them to upgrade from sustainable to impact investing.”
    Martijn Kaag, Pymwymic Member