Actions speak louder than words.
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Invest with impact

Together, we invest in companies that transform old production models, build new markets for sustainable practices, and develop never-seen-before technologies to create postive change.

Become a Pymwymic investor

As a private investor you become co-owner and member of the Pymwymic Impact Investing Cooperative (“Coop”). This means you will be investing through various SDG-themed sub-funds and joining an active group of over 150 impact-driven wealth holders. By peer sharing of experiences, deals, resources and network, we accellerate your impact investing journey. We invite non-private investors to invest directly in sub-funds. Are you ready to change the world with us?

SDG-themed sub-funds

Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund I was launched in 2017 by the Pymwymic Cooperative, joined by Van Lanschot Kempen and a.s.r. In this fund, which was closed beginning of 2021, nine portfolio companies are building solutions to preserve and restore our ecosystems. We currently invest through the Healthy Food Systems Impact Fund II, supporting the change making entrepreneurs who are transforming our food system from farm to fork.

  • “Our investment in the Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund enhanced our understanding of impact investing and thus contributed to the development of the impact investing services of Van Lanschot.”
    Andrew Mackay, Van Lanschot
  • “I greatly appreciate their open and transparent nature. You can literally drop in and talk to the team.”
    Pymwymic member
  • “In joining Pymwymic, the community of impact investors opened up to us in such a way that we had never expected.”
    Pymwymic member
  • “I believe in companies which have sustainability rooted deeply in the core of their DNA. This is what we invest in.”
    Pymwymic member
  • “The Pymwymic model allows me to involve my children and introduce them to impact investing.”
    Pymwymic member
  • “In joining Pymwymic, you become co-owner of a movement. We collectively steer the organisation in building aa new economy.”
    Frank van Beuningen, Co-Founder Pymwymic
  • “Pymwymic served as a gateway to the global impact scene and created a cascade of inspiration and new contacts”
    Pymwymic Next Gen
  • “I like that management actively leverages the knowledge and experience of the members in the investment process”
    Pymwymic member
  • “With Pymwymic as a leading example, we challenge our private bankers to reform their product offering and encourage them to upgrade from sustainable to impact investing.”
    Martijn Kaag, Pymwymic Member