Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund

Preserving the Earth’s ecosystems is fundamental for food security, climate change mitigation, poverty reduction and social stability. The Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund is a venture capital fund that invests in impact-driven companies that seek to conserve and restore our ecosystems while generating an attractive financial return. Our key focus area is companies which contribute to the creation of more sustainable food systems. The Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund is backed by the Pymwymic Coop as well as by institutional investors Van Lanschot Kempen and a.s.r.


Fairphone has created the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone. You shouldn’t have to choose between a great phone and a fair supply chain.

InspiraFarms enable food waste reduction and access to high value markets by supplying cold storage and post-harvest processing equipment.

Trapview’s automated pest monitoring system, will take us a few steps closer to better and more sustainably-grown food for everyone.

With a reduced rate of chemicals use, Ceradis aims at facilitating the transition to more environmentally friendly agriculture. 

Autonomous robots for easier farming: reducing farmers’ strenuous working conditions and limiting the use of chemical weed-killers.

A sustainable alternative to chemical weed control by using electricity to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards.

Connecterra is set to disrupt the traditional dairy industry with the company’s Artificial Intelligence platform.

Yooji develops healthy and tasty baby food, with no additives, made from local products, transparent and with care for the environment.